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Wellness By Cindy is dedicated to helping you find YOUR vision of health!  My health coaching focus is placed on partnering with you to identify the root causes so that we can create strategies together for resolving the underlying issues, not just merely managing symptoms. Let's get you on the path that you envision!  

Why Health Coaching?

Why would health coaching be helpful? How does it work?  Health coaching does not take the place of a medical health provider, but may work together with the provider to fill in missing gaps in care. In the current reality of 10 minute doctor appointments, it is increasingly difficult to address issues with alternatives other than medications. Medical providers are not afforded the option to get to the root cause of the issue due to limited time with patients, and instead may only react to the results of what is problematic, not the actual problem. The inability to address the root cause, not only continues the issues, but has potential to make it worse. A patient may be given the directive to “lose weight”. In this scenario, most of the time very little further insight is given, aside from “exercise and eat healthy”.  Most people are aware of poor health habits that might need to be changed, but how? Where to start? This can be very overwhelming in addition to an already busy life, causing frustration and stress, and lead to just giving up.

Where to start? How to start? What are my goals and visions for my health and how do I get there? And enter, the health coach. Health coaches partner with clients to explore TOGETHER health goals to be achieved and the best way for each individual make this happen. I often hear “I want to be healthy” or “I want to feel better”, ok….well let’s discuss that further. What exactly does that mean for YOU? And as your health coach, we will take the time figure this out through open discussions and specific questions regarding your thoughts on your health.

Once we have processed that vision, we can start with identifying and addressing the root cause that may be the underlying issue and contributors that compound the problem. As your health coach, we will discuss barriers to meeting goals. Together, we can look for options that fit your values and life. Finding solutions to barriers that keeping goals from being met is crucial! Health coaches can also offer insight and education. It is difficult to make changes when information is limited. Once the larger goals have been established and defined, you can decide where you want to begin and the best place to invest your time and energy. The goals are yours, not mine.  I will be a guide to help set small, detailed, attainable goals in order to get to the ultimate vision, but the goals are yours. I am here to support you! Baby steps are key to long term, sustainable changes!

How often do we connect? That is also up to you! We can meet weekly, every other week or monthly depending upon your schedule and your needs. We can meet by phone or via facetime (Zoom).

 This is a great time to step forward with positive outlook to your health! 

 If you are thinking of enhancing and optimizing your health or want to minimize symptoms such as fatigue, mind fog, stress/anxiety, weight gain, headaches, gut/digestive issues, thyroid issues or Diabetes ...Wellness By Cindy can help!

I am here for you!  Inspiration, Education and Empowerment!



Find valuable education to help understand and resolve your symptoms!


Feel Inspired and Empowered to take back your life!

Individual Health Coaching

Set up coaching sessions for one on one        personalized information and strategies for optimal health and wellness.  Packages vary to offer the help that is right for you!  Sessions can be by phone or Zoom.