Holistic Menopause Wellness

Thrive Through Menopause


I am not a physician, so I will not change or prescribe medications. I will partner with you in the capacity of a functional medicine health coach. 

I will not diagnose illness or disease, and I encourage everyone to have a routine physical and to be in contact with their provider regarding health changes.

What I will do as a health coach:

Educate, guide, give alternative methods and offer valuable insight!

Resources for modules and education are credited to courses I have take for my education:

School of Applied Functional Medicine

Integrative Women's Health Institute -Women's Health Coach program 

Burrell Education 3rd Age and Beyond Menopause Health Coach Certification

Herman and Wallace Menopause Course and Pelvic courses 1 and 2

Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist Course 

Yoga International Mindfulness Breathing Course

Brain Institute Course Addressing the Anxious Mind