Holistic Menopause Wellness

Thrive Through Menopause

Holistic Menopause Wellness offers several different ways to get you the help you are looking for to manage menopause!  

Education Modules:  The modules contain education and guidance related to menopause management.  If you are seeking more information, but are not sure if health coaching is right for you, the modules will offer you great  information to make positive changes for better health.  The modules are packed with valuable information to gain understanding of the changes occurring and contributing factors that can make these change more difficult to navigate. Models on hormones, sex, exercise/movement, nutrition, stress and lifestyle management.  Topics such as  pain with intercourse, bladder/bowel issues, sleep, menopausal symptoms management, self care and how to balance hormones.  There are 7 video modules that are each about 15 - 20 minutes in length, Let's Talk Hormones, Organ Detox for Optimal Body Function, Optimal Nutrition for Menopause, Let's Get Moving-Exercise for Menopause, Keepin' It Sassy-Sexual Health and Menopause, Bladders and More -Bladder, bowel and prolapse related to menopause and Finding the Calm-stress management and self care.  If you decide that more individualized coaching would be helpful, coaching sessions can be purchased at any time when your are ready!

Education Modules and One Health Coaching Session In addition to the fantastic modules, you will have one health coaching session with me to answer questions and create a plan to help get you started on a healthier new you.  Additional coaching sessions can be added on at any time if you would like to continue to have personal support.

Individual Coaching:  Individual coaching sessions help to assess more specific needs and give personalized guidance to management of menopausal symptoms.  It can be extremely helpful to have extra support, encouragement and empowerment as you navigate the information as it applies to you in order to make long lasting sustainable changes to THRIVE through menopause.