Holistic Menopause Wellness

Thrive Through Menopause

Essential Oils

Essential Oils can play a significant role in managing menopausal symptoms, hormones, nutrition, sleep and stress!

  Always consult your physician when considering supplements.      Prices include shipping within continental USA

Lifelong Vitality Pack is a complete blend of micro nutrients, omegas, amino acids and vitamins to sustain cellular, heart, brain, immune and hormonal function

30 day supply $95

MitoMax2  is a natural energizer that alleviates the chronic need for coffee and caffeine that can increase hot flashes, anxiety and hormone imbalance.  Bottle of 60 Capsules     $45

This is an amazing collection of Essential Oils to reduce symptoms!








Clarycalm is an AMAZING blend of essential oils that help to balance hormones, manage symptoms of PMS and the transition to menopause

10ml Roller ball  $30

Lavender is a LOVELY all around useful essential oil!  It is perfect for calming, relaxation and sleep.

15 ml bottle  $26

Serenity is MY personal favorite oil!   This is the ultimate oil for sleep and relaxation, promoting calmness of mind and emotions.

15 ml bottle $35 

Balance is a FABULOUS blend of oils that promote the sense of being grounded, promoting stress relief  and sleep.

15 ml bottle $25

Lemon is a wonderful and extremely versatile oil with amazing properties of detoxification, weight loss, craving control and natural energizer.

15 ml bottle $15

Grapefruit is my other favorite oil! It is a lively and refreshing oil that promotes weight loss, craving control, increased clarity and awareness.  

15 ml bottle $21

Peppermint is FANTASTIC for aiding in digestion, decreasing HOT FLASHES, and decreasing muscle tension!

15 ml bottle $25

Phytoestrogen Lifetime Complex is a blend of plant extracts that support hormone balance and promotes metabolism  

 1  bottle of 60 capsules  $45

This omega complex supports brain, heart, and cell function and health.  This can also be purchased as part of the Lifelong Vitality pack.  

1 bottle 120 capsules $57