Holistic Menopause Wellness

Thrive Through Menopause

"I have had the pleasure of working directly with Cindy in her role as the RN Pelvic Health Specialty Nurse and now as a Women's Health Coach.  Cindy is extremely knowledgeable and has dedicated herself to advanced practice in health, wellness and functional medicine.  What separates her from other providers is the way she truly listens to her clients.  She take the time to gather information, understand the whole person and all the issues that may be preventing someone from attaining their health goals.  She strategically identifies barriers that may be impeding progress and customizes her recommendations to meet the client 'where they are'.  Cindy always goes above and beyond to provide her clients with support and a caring space to heal and grow!"
Liz, Physical Therapist

When I first met Cindy I was struck by her intelligence and knowledge but that was soon over shadowed by her kindness, compassion and support which I have not seen from any other medical professional in my 64 years. Cindy is truly a special person that I have been fortunate to have as a health coach!

T.  -client

I highly recommend Cindy! I felt that she truly listened to everything I was experiencing, was so easy to talk to and was extremely thorough and genuine in approaching my  sleep and fatigue issues.  She had such valuable insight and information related menopausal symptoms and strategies!  Cindy worked with me to find solutions that have me energized and sleeping soundly!!

A. - client